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Gluten food tester, gluten tester, Glutrust, Ecove.AI


Innovative tester for people who can’t eat gluten

ECOVE combines novel materials applied to lateral flow and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a faster and high quality system for the detection of gluten in food, drinks, and personal care products, among others.

The challenge to improve gluten testers

Tests for gluten detection were exclusive to laboratories because it required specialized lab equipment and more than 4 hours to obtain test results. Then, portable sensors came out to make gluten tests available to the public. Users had to purchase expensive machines, wait for more than 3 minutes, and the results were not accurate enough. Users needed to know the exact gluten concentration because they could react to concentrations below 20 ppm.

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Low accuracy


Long time-to-results


Expensive machines

80% of materials developed by our scientists

Glutrust, gluten food tester, gluten sensor, test glutn in food, gluten-free

The process of gluten detection was complicated because gluten proteins are not soluble in water. Previous gluten testers required a troublesome manipulation of the food sample before testing. For instance, heating, stirring for a long time, or extraction using alcohol. To improve this situation, Glutrust was developed with novel molecules applied to the extraction solution, special antibodies, AI recognition of test results, and well-designed mechanics. 


High accuracy biotech

Highly effective buffer liquid

Accurate AI tool develop

Highly specific antibody, strip coating of gold nanoparticles with an original material core shell, anti-biofouling effect to decrease false results.

Extraction solution to dissolve gluten protein in a few seconds, fast method to assess gluten concentration.

Cloud-based AI system, evaluation of color intensity and width of the test lines to calculate gluten concentration.

Turn your smartphone into a gluten meter

ECOVE.AI is our app to recognize the level of gluten concentration in the tested sample. Our AI technology analyzes the uploaded image to determine gluten concentration in ppm and records the history of Glutrust results. Users do not need to purchase any extra device to treat the food sample or read test results. They just download our app to their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

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60 Sec

To detect gluten in your food or drink 


Of gluten prevention when eating out


For each Glutrust test


Of sensitivity to test your meal

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