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Too young or too old for a celiac disease test?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Many community members were wondering if they were diagnosed too late in life or if it is too early to start testing their children for celiac disease. To solve this question, we started collecting references to know when is the average at diagnosis, the most common symptoms when someone gets diagnosed, and what are the benefits of early diagnosis to children.

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Community questions about age at diagnosis of celiac disease

Large studies conducted in Italy and Canada for many years indicate an average age at diagnosis for children (6.6 years old) and adults (46 years old) (Cranny and colleagues, 2007; Pedretti and colleagues, 2021). The diagnosis of celiac disease include confirmed patients using blood tests and endoscopic biopsy.


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Average age at diagnosis of celiac disease in adults and children

Celiac disease is a complex autoimmune disease with a long list of symptoms. However, gastrointestinal symptoms were the main symptoms that took people to see the doctor who will later diagnose them with celiac disease. Pedretti and colleagues (2021) show that the symptoms when diagnosed differed between younger and older children.

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Common symptoms at diagnosis of celiac disease in children

Vivas and colleagues (2015) found evidence that the diagnosis of celiac disease is more accurate when children are younger. In addition, Brigic and colleagues (2012) indicate the benefits of early diagnosis.


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Accuracy of blood tests and endoscopy at different age

Too much information, do not worry ! We summarized the main takeaways of this article for you.

If you have further questions related to celiac disease or other gluten-related condition, you can email them to us or leave the questions on the website chat. If your question can help more people with celiac disease, we will search scientific references and prepare content about it to share on our website.

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Main takeaways of age at diagnosis of celiac disease

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