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Early Subscription Timeline Update

We will announce all our updates about our current manufacturing and shipping status on this page. We are truly grateful to you for trusting us from the very beginning and we owe you full transparency about the challenges we are working on. We have mailed all our subscribers to apologize for the situation preventing us from delivering on the original schedule. If the product delay or any other situation may be causing inconvenience, please fill the form below to apply for a full refund. 

The estimated time to start delivering to our early subscribers is October 31st, 2022.


Test Strip

  • Status: 🟡 Reducing time-to-result

  • Current situation: We have already determined the right size of our test strips and we are improving its testing time. The current version needs an average of 40 sec to get results 

  • Goal: To improve the testing time reducing it to an average of 30 sec


Sample Funnel

  • Status: 🟡 Manufacturing new funnels 

  • Current situation: After receiving feedback from our Beta testers, we have decided to enlarge the funnel and increase the buffer liquid. The 3D-printed prototype has passed all the functionality tests and we are ready to produce a larger funnel 

  • Goal: To ease sampling to users and increase the amount of buffer liquid to 6 ml

Petri Dish


  • Status: 🟡 Testing the antibody shelf life

  • Current situation: The antibody in the test strip has been tested to be storable for more than 3 months in an unopen retort pouch. A few months ago, we produced batches with different preservation treatments. We are testing them every two weeks to see the most appropriate formulation to extend the antibody shelf life.

  • Goal: To extend the shelf life of our test kits as long as possible and determine the recommended time to assure for ideal quality.


Test Cassette

  • Status: 🟢 Ready


Buffer Liquid

  • Status: 🟢 Ready



  • Status: 🟡 Waiting to pack

  • Current situation: Boxes and printed material are ready. Waiting for the food funnel and test strips with faster test-to-result figures and longer antibody shelf life.  

  • Goal: To box test kits that fully comply with the quality and reliability requirements of our users.

Refund Application

As a way to apologize for our delay, we are offering discounts and other benefits to our subscribers. Please check your mail before making a decision. 


We apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused to you. Please enter your email, name and address that you input when purchasing the products. We will confirm your information and start the refund process. 

Your application is being reviewed

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