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  • If I need to travel, can I order extra Glutrust test kits?
    Standard annual plan subscribers can purchase 10 additional test kits every month for $7.50 / kit before tax and shipping fee. Premium annual plan subscribers can purchase 20 additional test kits every month for $7 / kit before tax and shipping fee. Subscribers can contact our customer service through the chat on our website. Let us know your requirements and we’ll arrange the most suitable shipping method. If you let us know in advance, we can send your additional test kits with your next monthly subscription box. Otherwise, we’ll ship your additional test kits in 3~7 working days. Monthly plan subscribers need to get additional monthly subscriptions to get more test kits. A standard monthly plan has 7 test kits and a premium monthly plan has 15 test kits. To enjoy the benefit of discounted additional test kits, please consider subscribing to our annual plans.
  • If I don’t have my smartphone with me, how to read Glutrust results?
    Subscribers can check the results on the strip following these steps: Step 1. Check the control line (C line). If it does not show up, the test is invalid. Step 2. Check the gluten test line (G line). Glutrust is optimized to test gluten concentration at 5 ppm. If the G line is blank, the sample is gluten-free (below 5 ppm). If the G line shows up (red, purple, or light red), please check step 3. Step 3. If you see a G line, you do not have your smartphone with you, and you have a gluten-related condition such as severe gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, we suggest you avoid eating what you just tested anytime you find two lines. Glutrust is designed to be used with its app. A more intense red color of the G line does not indicate a higher gluten concentration, neither a lighter color indicates a lower gluten concentration. The system is designed to assess the color intensity of both lines: C line and G line. The system compares the colors of each line with hundred of thousands of cases in our database and it also compares the color intensity between lines to provide an accurate estimation of gluten concentration.
  • Can I share my Glutrust test kits with my friends and family?
    Glutrust test kits are built to be shared. You can share some Glutrust test kits with friends and family. They can sign up for an ECOVE account on our website to upload pictures of their test results. Once uploaded, ECOVE AI tool determines the gluten concentration in their samples. Neither you nor they need to pay anything extra to share Glutrust test kits and scan the test results. All our subscribers receive a metal cassette holder with their first order. This holder is reusable since its main function is to be a stable base to the test cassette and to improve color detection of the AI tool. You can order additional cassette holders to share test kits with your friends and family for $15 / holder, or they can receive it as a gift by subscribing to an annual or monthly plan.
  • How does it take to show results?
    Glutrust test kits are designed to show results within 60 seconds. The time may change depending on the sample amount and its characteristics. Flour, bread, and other powders may absorb more buffer liquid (the liquid inside the funnel), reducing the amount of buffer liquid to flow to the test strip and prolonging the time-to-results. When putting the sample in the funnel, please make sure that the buffer liquid doesn’t go over the Solid line (S line) to obtain results within 60 seconds.
  • How to return products?
    If the test kits did not arrive in good condition, a test kit didn’t work properly, or there are other inconvenient situations, please follow the steps below to apply for a full or partial refund. Step 1. Please contact our customer service through our website chat or email and provide your order details. Step 2. Please leave the reason why you are applying for a refund. Kindly share the details motivating the refund, including a picture (if available). Personal reasons are acceptable. You do not need to send us back the test kits you do not want to use anymore. If you haven’t opened them, we invite you to donate them to a local celiac organization. Step 3. Once your information is confirmed, we will provide you a refund through your original payment method. If you are an annual plan subscriber, please let us know if the refund is for this month only and you want to continue receiving your monthly subscription box in the future, or you want to stop using Glutrust and the refund is for this and the rest of the months. If we detect that a registered address has requested refunds more than 3 times in one year due to personal reasons. We will stop the subscription and stop delivering products to that address. We wish Glutrust can help more people to stay safe from gluten. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Are these products covered by health or business insurance?
    Health insurance: Some insurance companies and plans may allow reimbursements for Glutrust test kits. Please ask your insurance company before purchasing to confirm that you can submit the invoice for reimbursement later. Business Insurance: There are many options for business insurance. Please ask your insurance company. You can also contact our customer service at
  • Can I take samples from different dishes inside the same funnel?
    Yes, you can mix different samples in the same funnel but you need to consider the sample amount. The test kits are optimized to work following two lines marked on the side of the funnel. When testing solids, the sample amount should reach up to the Solid line (S line). Exceeding the S line could cause the sample to absorb too much of the buffer liquid (the liquid inside the funnel), making it hard to flow to the test strip. When testing liquids, the sample amount should reach up to the Liquid line (L line). Exceeding the L line could cause inaccurate results because it alters the concentration ratio.
  • I don’t have celiac disease , non-celiac gluten sensitivity, nor wheat allergy. But I have symptoms of food allergies, can ECOVE help me?
    Our team at ECOVE is glad to listen to your symptoms and try to suggest possible conditions that could be triggering them.
  • Are Glutrust test kits approved by the FDA?
    Glutrust is not a medical device and it does not require the approval of the FDA. The results from Glutrust test kits have undergone multi-laboratory performance evaluations to test its accuracy and reliability. Peer-reviewed scientific publications by independent third-parties are at a working paper stage and others in the process of “revise and resubmit”.
  • How to check my Glutrust test kits arrived in good condition?
    After receiving your test kits, please follow the steps below to make sure the product package and test kits are intact. Step 1: Make sure the security sticker is still on the box to guarantee that the box has not been opened. (Show the picture) Step 2: Make sure the humidity indicator paper inside the box is not blue when receiving the box. This paper turns blue when the environment is too humid for the test kits. Please open your box and check the humidity indicator paper within 14 days of receiving it. After opening the box, store the test kits following the storage suggestions on the box. Step 3: After putting a food sample in the funnel and plugging it into the test cassette, please make sure the control line (C line) shows up. If not, please contact customer service to report the issue. If the missing C line is our quality control issue, we will send you a test kit to replace the defective one in next month's delivery. Following these three steps, you can trust the results of Glutrust test kits. To ensure the quality of Glutrust test kits, we advise our users to only buy them on our official website or our official Amazon store. Any updates about our sales channels will be on our website.
  • How to store my Glutrust test kits?
    The recommended storage temperature is between 41 °F and 104 °F. The buffer liquid (the liquid inside the funnel) needs to be in liquid state to extract gluten from the sample. Do not use a test kit with fully or partially frozen buffer liquid. The buffer liquid starts to freeze below 41 °F. If you mistakenly place the test kit in the refrigerator or freezer, let the buffer liquid melt completely at room temperature before testing. The antibody can’t be exposed to high temperatures, please do not store the test kits above 104 °F. The recommended storage humidity range is below 70% RH. An environment with higher humidity could make the test strip react before you test anything. In this case, the control line and the gluten test line will not show in our product. Store Glutrust test kits in the cabinet with dry goods in your house. Do not store them in the bathroom or any place near the sink.
  • How to start testing with Glutrust?
    Before starting using Glutrust, we suggest our subscribers sign up to our website. Subscribers who are not sure about their gluten-related condition or they don’t know how much gluten they can tolerate, please visit your doctor first. Subscribers with a confirmed gluten-related condition, use the results to help you adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle. However, if you don’t have access to this information but you still want to stop consuming gluten, avoid the food that Glutrust detects gluten in it.
  • How to know if my meal is safe using Glutrust?
    It depends on the food sample you test. If you test food from different plates , your plate is a mix of different sides, or your food is not completely mixed, we cannot make sure the results represent well the food you will have. Our suggestion: Find a clean plate,take some food samples from each part and mix them all together on the plate. After mixing, take some sample of the mixture in the funnel and make sure the amount of food sample is at the level suggested for solid samples (at the S Line) and liquid samples (at the L line).
  • How much food goes into the funnel?
    Inside the funnel, you can see two lines showing the Liquid line (L line) and the Solid line (S line). When testing, subscribers need to consider the characteristics of the sample. If the sample is solid and absorbs liquids easily (for example: bread, pizza, powders, flour, and other starchy food), you should sample until reaching the S line. If the sample is liquid (for example: sauce, soup, and beverages), you should sample until the L line. Exceeding these lines may lead to inaccurate results.
  • How to check that the control and gluten test line are working?
    Step 1: Check the humidity indicator paper inside the box. If the color is blue, please don’t use these test kits to test your food. Step 2: After sampling and plugging the funnel to the test cassette, if the control line is blank after the buffer liquid (liquid flowing down the funnel) goes through the test strip completely, the test has failed. Please do not interpret the results of this test kit, even if the gluten test line shows up. If the control line shows up normally and you are not sure if there is a gluten test line or not, you can use our ECOVE AI tool to check first. Take a picture of the test kit and upload it to help you find out the gluten concentration. Please remember that a more intense red color of the G line does not indicate a higher gluten concentration, neither a lighter color indicates a lower gluten concentration. We always recommend to use our app to assess results. If you still have questions about interpreting your results, please contact our customer service team.
  • Is the liquid in the funnel toxic?
    Our buffer liquid is considered to be safe if accidentally eaten, touches eyes or spills on the skin. Please use water to rinse the buffer liquid off your mouth, eyes, or skin. Some people may experience allergic reactions or discomfort after these accidents. In those cases, please go to the hospital. If you have any concern regarding the buffer liquid, please contact our customer team directly through email at
  • How to measure gluten concentration using Glutrust?
    After the line(s) show up in a Glutrust test kit, follow these 4 steps to use ECOVE AI tool Step 1: Sign up on ECOVE official website to get an account (only for new subscribers). Step 2: Log in the ECOVE AI page with the email you sign up on the official website. Step 3: Upload a picture or take a picture directly through ECOVE AI tool. This picture must show the test cassette completely. Step 4: The results of gluten concentration will be displayed. You have the option to share these results with your family and friends on your social media.
  • How to recycle used Glutrust test kits?
    The test kits are made of polypropylene (PP) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Both are recyclable materials, please follow your local plastic recycling guidelines. These test kits are not a biohazard waste.
  • Can I use a Glutrust test kit more than once?
    No, a Glutrust test kit cannot be reused.
  • How long can I store Glutrust test kits?
    Glutrust test kits can be stored for 12 months following the official storage suggestions: Storage temperature range between 41 °F to 104 °F Storage humidity below 70% RH
  • How to clean my hands properly before testing?
    If you were manipulating gluten-containing products or other substances that may affect the results of the test kits, wash your hands with water and soap, dry them, and use 75% alcohol wipes to clean any possible gluten remains. It is better if you use a clean spoon or fork to put the sample inside the funnel.
  • Do I need to unplug the funnel before disposing of the test kit?
    No, you do not need to unplug the funnel. You can recycle or throw it to trash with the funnel plugged into the test cassette.
  • Can I test food when it is piping hot?
    Yes, you can test any food that is below 250 °F.
  • Can I test frozen food?
    Not immediately, you should let the sample melt completely at room temperature and later you can test it.
  • Do I need to grind the sample?
    The only consideration is that the bites of solid food fit inside the funnel and do not surpass the Solid line (S line).
  • I added too much sample and the funnel liquid is not flowing on the test strip, can I add some water?
    No, you cannot add water to the funnel. It will alter the possible concentration of gluten affecting the accuracy of the results.
  • I got a defective test kit, can I get a new test kit ?
    Yes, we are sorry that you received a defective test kit. Please take a picture of the defective test kit and send the picture to our email ( Let us know your account and order information so we can send you a new test kit as a replacement of the defective one in your next monthly delivery (annual plan subscriber). If you are a monthly plan subscriber, we can send it to you in your next purchase.
  • How Glutrust test kits detect the gluten concentration in food?
    The results of Glutrust test kits could be read by our ECOVE AI tool. The tool will measure the color intensity and width of the gluten test line on the test strip to estimate the gluten concentration in ppm ranges. Our team at ECOVE has artificial intelligence (AI) specialists. After continuous testing and corrections, we have finally developed a cloud-based system that contemplates many factors that could affect the reliability of gluten concentration measurements. Some of these factors are mobile phone models with different cameras and lenses, different lighting environments, and different picture angles. Our AI tool can read the picture uploaded by the subscriber, recognize the control line and the gluten test line on the strip, estimate the gluten concentration within a range, and display results to the subscriber in a few seconds.
  • How Glutrust test kits show results in one minute?
    We optimized the buffer liquid in the funnel and the coating of the test strip to achieve a careful balance between extracting gluten from the sample and the test speed. Our latest improvement to our buffer liquid not only makes the sample required to be small but also reduces its viscosity to flow faster on the test strip. The material science and biochemistry applied in Glutrust allows us to get results within 1 minute in 95% of tests.
  • Why subscription plans instead of single-time purchase?
    To provide customers with the highest quality services and more sophisticated content, ECOVE chooses to offer subscription plans with more and better choices allowing our subscribers to choose now and in the future. Our team at ECOVE is aware that autoimmune diseases and certain food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances are lifelong conditions. By joining our subscription plans, our subscribers can enjoy our latest technological advancements as well as our future products and services to support their lifestyle with dietary restrictions at an affordable cost. If you do not know if Glutrust test kits are suitable for you or you are hesitating because subscription plans are long-term commitments, feel free to subscribe and try any of our subscription plans with neither of these worries. We guarantee that you can cancel your subscription anytime and apply for a full refund for the products that were not delivered by the time you cancel the plan.
  • Why can Glutrust test without a machine unlike other gluten testers?
    One of the major difficulties testing gluten is to extract the gluten proteins from the sample because most of them are not soluble in water. Our biotech scientists at ECOVE use a powerful,special patented buffer liquid to extract gluten efficiently from the sample. Our AI technical team at ECOVE provides an app to access a cloud-based system. This app can be installed on any smartphone. This app turns your smartphone into a gluten meter that analyzes the pictures uploaded by our subscribers and indicates the gluten concentration in the sample. Our results combining Glutrust test kits and ECOVE AI app eliminate the need of purchasing machines for sample preparation, gluten extraction and result interpretation. This way we reduce the cost of testing using Glutrust.
  • What is the background of your team members?
    ECOVE is an artificial intelligence (Al) company focused on allergen detection. Our mission is to "Cover all allergies". All our test kits are developed in-house by our team. We have our own material patents. ECOVE has recruited talents in biotech, material science, nanotech, program coding, industrial design, lateral flow, AI, medicine (immunology & gastroenterology), and supply chain management. By combining the expertise of these professionals, we have developed our first test kits for gluten detection and concentration, Glutrust. Glutrust has a high extraction ratio to make the test faster and more sensitive to detect gluten. We will continue to bring new team members whose skills and knowledge help us improve the life quality of people with food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities as well as to people with autoimmune diseases that require avoiding specific ingredients.
  • How to change my shipping address?
    You can update your shipping address in My Address. 1. Click the down arrow next to your avatar in the upper right corner of the website 2. Choose “My Address” 3. Press “Edit” to change your address It will be shipped to the new address the next time we send your subscription box
  • The website says “delivered” but I have not received my subscription box
    Most subscription boxes will arrive on time. We deliver the last Thursday of every month. Once your box has left our distribution center, its status will change to “Delivered”. Your box should arrive at your address within 48 hours. Once you receive your box, the status will update to “Received”. If you find something unusual when tracking your box and if it has not arrived after 48 hours, please contact us through the chat on our official website, send us an email to, or call us at 669-201-6888.
  • Can I transfer my subscription plan to someone else?
    No, our subscription plans provide exclusive benefits to the subscriber depending on the time of subscription . Therefore, they cannot be transferred. If another person needs to order test kits, he/she should choose between the current available subscription plans. She/He can contact us to help choose the best fit subscription plan.
  • If the subscription plan changes in the future, will it cost me more?
    If ECOVE updates the plan or adds new products or services to the original subscription plan, there is no additional cost to our subscribers. For example: ECOVE adds a few test kits of a newer version to your current subscription plan, the subscriber does not need to pay additional fees. If you order additional products in your current subscription plan, you will pay extra for these additional products. For example: You have a premium annual subscription plan and you need 10 extra test kits because you are going abroad. That month you pay your original subscription price plus the 10 extra test kits. If you upgrade your subscription plan, you pay a new subscription price. If the original plan was purchased during a special promotion, this promotion may not apply to the upgrade if the upgrade isn’t during the promotional time. For example: The subscriber wants to upgrade her/his plan from standard monthly plan to premium monthly plan, the subscription price to be charged will be the subscription price of a premium monthly plan (price at the moment of upgrade). For example: The subscriber wants to upgrade his/her plan from standard annual plan to premium annual plan, the subscriber will be charged the difference between a total of 12 months of premium annual plan (price at the moment of upgrade) and a total of 12 months of standard annual plan (price at the moment of original subscription).
  • How to get help if I have problems with my subscription plan?
    1. If you want to change your address, please refer to question 1 of this section 2. If you want to check the delivery status of your subscription box, please refer to question 2 of this section 3. If you want to apply for a refund, please refer to question 6 of this section If your problem is not listed on this FAQ section, please send us a message through the chat on our website or send an email to We will get back to you soon.
  • How to cancel my subscription plan and apply for a refund?
    You can cancel the subscription anytime. If your order has not been shipped, we will cancel your payment. If your order has been shipped already, you can apply for a refund by contacting us through our website chat or email ( After verifying your information, we will provide you a refund through your original payment method. If you want to be refunded in a way different to your original payment method or you have another request, please contact us through our website chat or email ( We will contact you in 3~5 working days.
  • How to change my subscription plan from monthly to annual?
    You can change your subscription plan from monthly to annual on our website Click the down button next to your avatar in the upper right corner of the website Choose “My Order” You can change your subscription plan from monthly to annual here or send a message on the website chator email (
  • There’s an interesting promotion for new subscribers, but I am already a subscriber. Can I also participate?
    When ECOVE launches a promotion to new members, we will also launch subscriber-only specials and discounts. We will mail our current subscribers when a new special or discount is available. If you are looking for ways to improve your current subscription plan or any other question, please contact us through our website chat or email (
  • Will someone from ECOVE contact me directly?
    Our staff will only contact you through official channels: email from, website chat, and in special cases, a letter inside your monthly subscription box. If we need to call you, we will contact you by email first to know your available time before calling you. Our official accounts in social media (Facebook and Instagram) can reply your questions about your gluten-related condition and how to run a test kit, but details about your order, payment, refund, or any topic involving money is exclusively discussed through email or website chat. If there's any person claiming to be from ECOVE trying to contact you from other than the official channel listed before (for example, mails from other accounts, unexpected phone calls). Please let us know to help you verify if we are really trying to contact you.
  • Can you help me test gluten in some products?
    Yes, send us the products you would like us to test and the reason why you would like to test the product (for example, not labeled gluten-free, unclear ingredients, I had a reaction before and I am trying to find the culprit). Contact us through our website chat, or email( You can also finish this form (LINK TO THE GOOGLE FORM). We will add your suggested product to our list and randomly choose 7 products on the list to be tested for gluten every week. The results will be posted on our website, official social media, and email newsletter.
  • Are there any products you cannot test?
    Our daily food test using Glutrust will test food, drinks, personal care products, cosmetics, non-acid and alkaline cleaning products, and over-the-counter supplements and probiotics. If one of the products you would like to test cannot be tested, we will let you know the reason why and share it on our official website explaining the limitations of the existing methods of gluten detection.
  • For how long the results from your Daily Food Test are valid?
    When we test a product, the result is specific to a batch manufactured on a specific date at a specific facility. Since some facilities and manufacturing processes are exposed to the risk of cross-contamination, results where gluten was not detected should be taken as a reference to make your own decisions. If results detect gluten at a certain concentration, we suggest every person to make decisions based on their own particular gluten-related sensitivity or autoimmune disease and their symptomatology. We consider our Daily Food Test as suggestions to be applied in your next visit to the supermarket, at most 4 weeks after the publication date.
  • Can I expect the same results if I test a product you tested in the Daily Food Test?
    Unfortunately, the result is specific to a batch manufactured on a specific date at a specific facility. It is intended to be a reference to make your own purchasing decisions to adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle. If you have other dietary requirements and restrictions, please keep in mind that our tests are a reference to identify products and avoid gluten only. Products where gluten is not detected may still contain other food allergens such as milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, and ingredients from wheat, barley, or rye where gluten has been reduced.
  • How often do you post results?
    We will post results every week. Every week we test 7 products from the list provided by our followers and subscribers. If there is any situation that prevents us from posting for one week, we will keep you informed through our website and social media.
  • How many products can I ask to be tested?
    We invite you to ask for as many products as you want. It is very likely that the results of the products you want to test will help many other families who are in a similar position. Every week we will randomly choose 7 products. You do not need to pay for these food tests, nor join a subscription plan to participate. We do recommend you to visit the Daily Food Test section of our website to see results and follow our Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.
  • Can Glutrust test kits detect gluten in beer or wine?
    Gluten in fermented or hydrolyzed products cannot be detected accurately by the current gluten testing methods. The testing methods could show negative results when broken parts of gluten may still be present in the sample. The only way to guarantee these products are indeed gluten-free is by using naturally-gluten-free products in a designated area to avoid cross-contamination. During fermentation as well as hydrolysis, gluten proteins are broken in smaller pieces that may not be detected by tests. However, these broken gluten could still cause reactions in people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and other gluten-related conditions. For instance, if Glutrust detects gluten in a fermented sample, it contains gluten that was not fully fermented.
  • What is the minimum level of gluten Glutrust test kits can detect?
    Glutrust test kits are optimized to show a second line when the gluten concentration of the sample exceeds 5 ppm(0.005 mg/g). This threshold meets the gluten-free labeling requirements of the US FDA (less than 20 ppm) and the requirements of the gluten-free certifications from the most renown third-parties: Beyond Celiac and Canadian Celiac Association requires less than 20 ppm. Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) and its program Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) requires less than 10 ppm. The National Celiac Association requires less than 5 ppm. The source of the gluten concentration requirements for certification were confirmed from their official websites accessed on November 1st, 2022.
  • Can Glutrust test kits detect acid and alkaline ingredients?
    The buffer liquid inside the funnel of a Glutrust test kit is designed to test a great variety of samples at different levels of acidity and alkalinity commonly found in food and drinks. Samples with abnormal high levels of acidity as well as high levels of alkalinity could affect the accuracy of results.
  • Besides food and drinks, what else can I test with Glutrust test kits?
    You can also test cosmetics, personal care products, and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and straws. If you would like to test a surface for cross-contact, please use a cotton swab to swipe several times the surface you want to test. Detach the cotton tip and put it in the funnel. Make sure that the cotton touches the buffer liquid (liquid inside the funnel).
  • I plug the funnel to the test cassette, what if the buffer liquid (liquid inside the funnel) doesn’t run to the test strip?
    There are two reasons why the buffer liquid is not flowing to the test strip. First, when you plug the funnel into the test cassette, the test kit is designed to make a small hole at the bottom of the funnel. This way the buffer liquid can start flowing to the test strip. If the liquid is not flowing, detach the funnel and check if it has a small hole at the bottom. If the funnel has not been poked when you connect it to the test cassette, you can use a clean needle to make a small hole. Second, the sample has absorbed all the buffer liquid or it has made the funnel liquid too dense to flow down to the strip. If the buffer liquid has become too dense to flow, please discard this test kit. Please do not try to make the buffer liquid rare (less dense) by adding other liquids. If the buffer liquid was absorbed, you can open the funnel, and squeeze the sample against the walls of the funnel using the handle of a clean spoon. Some buffer liquid will be squeezed out of the sample and drip to the test kit. If the test kit shows a Control line (C line), the amount of liquid was enough and the test kit is still valid.
  • Besides gluten, can I use Glutrust to test other allergens?
    Glutrust is designed to test gluten proteins only. In the future, ECOVE will launch other test kits to test other major allergens.
  • Can you test red color food and drinks such as food containing cranberries, pomegranate, beetroot, annatto seeds, and paprika, among others?
    Yes, we considered this situation when developing Glutrust test kits. Feel free to test your favorite cranberry sauce, red velvet, borsch, or tomato soup.
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