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Cover all allergy!

We Understand what life with allergies is

All of our core team members have serious food allergies. To prevent an allergic reaction, we need to test our meals and products we buy at the supermarket. However, we know how hard it is to get a reliable supply of allergen test kits. ECOVE has the technology and production process to deliver a monthly supply to our subscribers. Testing with ECOVE doesn't need expensive machines and we work to have test kits available in stock at all times.

Why can we help you?

ECOVE have lots of talents on bio-tech, material science , nano tech, lateral flow and AI field. By combining the expertise of these professionals, we have developed an allergen test kit with high extraction ratio, which makes the test faster and more sensitive to detect allergens. We will continue to bring new team members whose skills and knowledge help us improve the life quality of people with allergies.

Our Mission

To create a safe lifestyle for people with food allergies by developing innovative solutions to detect allergens at all stages of the supply chain, from raw materials to the final retail product.

Have a good day!

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