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Glutrust - A Portable Gluten Detect Testers

Experience a Safer Tomorrow: Say Goodbye to Gluten Accidents Today!

Introducing our innovative, pocket-friendly, and reliable test kits designed to detect gluten in your meals.

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How Glutrust Works?

It functions similarly to rapid test kits like those for COVID and pregnancy.


Our gluten tester consists of a test strip and a food-placing funnel. It can detect gluten in the food sample you place in the funnel. The liquid buffer extracts gluten from the food. As the liquid passes through the test strip, it reveals the result.

One line indicates no gluten found, while two lines signify the presence of gluten in the food sample.

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Eat at ease anywhere

Freedom from the “may contain gluten” label

Shield against cross-contact

“If you still struggle to avoid gluten, you need to try ECOVE. I have never seen a product for gluten detection as simple as this one” 
Rob Chen, Chef of Biotechnology at StepBy, Inc

Test Gluten in Your Food in 3 Easy Steps

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 5.51.13 AM.png

Place food in for 1 min

截圖 2022-06-22 下午6.57.31.png
截圖 2022-04-08 下午9.43.02.png

Plug the funnel

Read result

​Check your food anywhere!

Have a good day!